Hello I’m Gavin ...

I'm a portrait, music and lifestyle and photographer with a great passion for what I do. My photography has been featured in leading Industry Magazines, Newspapers, Album covers and Exhibitions.


I specialise in reportage style event photography with a friendly and stress free approach. I look for natural moments capturing the atmosphere with style and discretion to provide you with a permanent photographic record of the event as it actually happened creating beautiful photographs that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.


I enjoy shooting Portaiture both in the studio or on location to create natural, relaxed and expressive looking shots . Usually everyone looks better when they feel at ease in front of the camera and thats the environment I like to create when I'm working .


I work with both Leica and Nikon camera systems and like to use both natural light or a portable speed light set up enabling me to work under any conditions or in any location. 

 If you like what you see, please drop me a mail via the contact page and tell me your plans. 


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